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Framed by woods and olive groves, the farmhouse “Al Pagan” is situated in the heart of the Nervian Valley, just a short distance from “Alta Via dei Monti Liguri” a walk which gives splendid views of the massifs of Toraggio and Pietravecchia.
A short distance away, the immense forest of the coniferous woods “Gola di Gouta”, extend to over 2500 hectares.
It is a true paradise for mycologists and for all nature lovers who can also enjoy trekking, bird-watching, and horse-riding.
Rock climbers will find a challenge in the “Colle Melosa” (the iron paths). Speleological excursions and cross country skiing are also available.
The medieval village of Pigna is famous for it’s Romanic church, festival of poetry, comedy in the local dialect and the museum of local history. Also popular are the autumn mushrooms and “ravioli” festivals, which have a great call for numerous visitors.
On the outskirts of the village the hotel “Antiche Terme” offers therapeutic and aesthetic sulphur thermal springs. A short drive away are other medieval historic villages, also the famous beaches of Sanremo and Bordighera and the Cote d’Azur.